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(Actual MSN convo) between myself & ‘heARTful-inspiring’ friend SeanBrown. (Yes, I ACTUALLY still use MSN) This talented young artist has more than a hand but his heart in styling/fashion design/art direction as well image consulting, is putting on a THIRFT BOUTIQUE @Smash Gallery w/  Ǐn | tər | ǐm.

This will be a Guerilla Pop-Up Store, put on by open from 6-11pm. Limit of 3 items/person & everything is under $50.


"actual postcard invite"

E L L Emazing says (10:29 PM):


S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:29 PM):

waves back*

E L L Emazing says (10:35 PM):

how was the showcase on the 15th?

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:35 PM):


E L L Emazing says (10:39 PM):

wasnt there an art showcase?

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:40 PM):

thats on April 29th

the thrift store

we set the date back

E L L Emazing says (10:40 PM):


S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:40 PM):

actually whats your address cause we’re mailing postcard invites this week

E L L Emazing says (10:40 PM):

oh goody…

I’m getting real mail

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:41 PM):

yeah they are beautiful

and personal…

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:41 PM):

we wanted to do things a bit different and traditional

E L L Emazing says (10:41 PM):


and yes..

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:41 PM):


CHECK OUT THE VIDEO >>> http://www.theartofreuse.org/

Check Out: www.byseanbrown.blogspot.com


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Part Two of the man behind the twitter hype… BUNDY

Just jump in. There is a recap of what you may have missed or just missed.

Feel free to post comments, challenges, love > hate.
Follow Bundy! www.twitter.com/SAUGACITYBUNDY

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When was the last time you have heard a rapper put out for sooo long in one take?
Possible answers would include: “Never”, “I think I have…” or “Probably”.
But believe me if you have recently heard a rapper spit fire like this, it wasn’t punchline after punchline created by relevent material &&visual metaphors like Mississauga’s BUNDY
I’ve always been one to listen to the lyrics in songs, sometimes before paying attention to the beat, this man right here kept me attentively waiting for the next hit from his punchlines. In my mind I’d dubb him the best I’ve heard in a long time. And did I mention his flow was exhibited without a pen or a pad and he had for 15 minutes?

In this scenario the lyrics stay true to Missy Elliot’s line “I don’t want, I don’t need, I can’t stand a minute man…” Other rappers need to ‘workout’ their lyrics &&increase their endurance to match this 15minuteman….&& This is only part 1


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ-XVQc8RME <<< CHECK HERE

The man by the name of BUNDY (located in the middle) is the source of the twitter hype! I suggest you follow @SAUGACITYBUNDY literally, &&encourage his movement.


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In the past couple days I have had an urgency to get my blog up and running. My main excuse for not launching it was due to the fact that I hadn’t created the perfect name for my blog. My blog WRITE here is going to exclusively &&selfishly be BY me. Pieces I have written, narrated stories made into metaphors… blah blah! Essentially when I find myself inspired to post other things that you the Reader may find interesting, intriguing, thought-provoking, “LOL”, or appealing to any of the 5/6 senses most of you possess, you will find it HERe also.

Ahh… so howicameupwithmyblogname! I wanted it to be something Fresh. R(elle)avent. Memorable. Ultimately Not taken by someone else(original) &&of course with meaning.

WRITE BY HER; literally came about while I was posting a comment on another blogger’s post. I check in with this blog often &&it has served as another push to get my shit together and post rather than comment. Ironically my first posted comment begot this first post, &&my blog name. http://bit.ly/aowjTY)
@ the end of my comment, I intended to type Do Write By Her… a witty phrase.as words of encouragement for Bryan ‘Be’ Espiritu to write more posts to his daughter. But I selfishly omitted the witty phrase I wrote &&that’s howicameupwithmyblogname.

My friend Eric helped me brainstorm some options for blog names. Here is a list of some that didn’t make the cut.


But the one I came up with I is what it is;
Write (everything written isn’t copyright, its mine)
By (obvious definition)
Her (My nickname is Elle, and the translation from french means ‘her’)

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