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Photo: Bryan Brock

Torontos own has always shown a special love for the city. Spreading love in a 1 Love T.O tee shirt way, and hosting numberous charity events, parties, and basketball tourneys Tyrone T-Rexxx has been paying his dues to the cold city. His hard work and dedication in The Remix Project and 1 Love TO has made him respectable amoug his peers.

The first time I met Tyrone was at a Tribute Party, and I felt a magnetic energy he possessed as an MC and a businessman. People really paid attention to him. Even during a longer than planned delay at the US Border, during the 1 LOVE T.O Bus Trip to DC for Obama’s Inauguration ’09, again he exemplified a leadership as he acted as a calm to the 7 hr border hold-up with encouraging words, and if it weren’t for his distinct voice I would have been lost among a sea of Obama’s supporters in the streets of DC a few times. He knows how to rock the crowd and hand out Heineken like no other! &&as he paid attention to his city; giving us event after event of energy mostly seen on the mic &&often overlooked behind the scenes, T-Rexx is stepping into a new role with his big voice.

On Monday I got word that Tyrone will be the new (voice) host of Much Music’s RapCity, a show that I avoided while flipping through channels may be reborn with the baratoned antics of Tyrone  T-Rexxx Edwards. Truly this news has served as an inspiration to stay on my craft and make something of it.

(&&sparking a new found interest in me tuning into Much Music’s Rap City!)

Be sure to catch or TVO or PVR his RapCity-Rex debut on Much Music later this month! Jan 20th

(Live to Air every Thursday from 10p-11p)
RSVP via email: jason.richards@ctv.ca to be in the audience, Must be 16 or older to attend, photo ID a must!

Follow him on twitter @TRexxx1LOVETO

Visit 1 LOVE T.O http://www.1loveto.com


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