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I’ve been showing off the Art of Reuse video when close to a lappy or pc. Especially to those questioning thrift shopping. I personally go from time to time with my mom on small hunts for cool finds with our change purses… *and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOES OUT TO JASMIN, MY MOTHER Whom I am blessed and enriched and loved on sometimes annoyingly by xoxo*
But I have never experienced thrift shopping in the same perspective as Interim. = a new age thrift boutique
created by a group of artists whom
interestingly enough, are all under the
age of 25!

(View Now then continue to read. If viewed previously, rewind & enjoy the soundtrack at the very least this time. View by clicking the answer…)

Answer (Jeopardy Style): What is, the ART OF REUSE by INTERIM?

…Where was I? Oh yes, *flips back thoughts pre-written in my mind*
… Most of the reactions (from the video) are wide-eyes of wonderment in the “gems” found by the interim team. Sought out and uncovered from the negatively categorized (nasty) 2nd-Hand Shops. (“nasty” SeanBrown quotes as a familiar term to describe thrift shops.) But I think all that changes after we take in the vision of shopping thrift in terms of art.

INTERIM’S DEBUT OF THE TEMPORARY SHOPPING SPACE, “Popped-Up” @Smash Gallery on the 29th of April this year. And the buzz alone for this much desired oasis of thrift finds created so much thirst for this new perspective…

“that just fifteen minutes of opening, the inventory was sold out.” – http://www.artofreuse.org

While briefly catching up with the busy tastemaker Sean Brown (member of Interim), I jokingly inquired if there “Would be a guestlist for today’s Pop-Up-Shop. He more democratically stated

…Anyone is welcome!

Catching up with SeanBrown

But it is no joke what Interim is doing with their vision. To me they have revolutionized the way we as least think about thrift shopping and the negative connotative stench 2nd hand shops carry. By introducing use to the benefits of reusing perfectly good items that were a part of history that can affordably be reused as part of ours.

dubbs the Art of Reuse concept New Art With an Old Twist

Read Eyeopener article here, Brittany Mackinnon’s Light on The Art of Reuse (member of Interim)

Photo: Marta Iwanek

Any nostalgic lover, hipster or new found ambassador to preserving the history of style should check it out TODAY!
I am all about vision and depth. &&I feel this movement. Check it out with me…

When: September 23

Time: 12 -7p

Where: The Masco
1267 Queen St W, Toronto


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(Actual MSN convo) between myself & ‘heARTful-inspiring’ friend SeanBrown. (Yes, I ACTUALLY still use MSN) This talented young artist has more than a hand but his heart in styling/fashion design/art direction as well image consulting, is putting on a THIRFT BOUTIQUE @Smash Gallery w/  Ǐn | tər | ǐm.

This will be a Guerilla Pop-Up Store, put on by open from 6-11pm. Limit of 3 items/person & everything is under $50.


"actual postcard invite"

E L L Emazing says (10:29 PM):


S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:29 PM):

waves back*

E L L Emazing says (10:35 PM):

how was the showcase on the 15th?

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:35 PM):


E L L Emazing says (10:39 PM):

wasnt there an art showcase?

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:40 PM):

thats on April 29th

the thrift store

we set the date back

E L L Emazing says (10:40 PM):


S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:40 PM):

actually whats your address cause we’re mailing postcard invites this week

E L L Emazing says (10:40 PM):

oh goody…

I’m getting real mail

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:41 PM):

yeah they are beautiful

and personal…

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:41 PM):

we wanted to do things a bit different and traditional

E L L Emazing says (10:41 PM):


and yes..

S ә Δ n│ZoiZoi says (10:41 PM):


CHECK OUT THE VIDEO >>> http://www.theartofreuse.org/

Check Out: www.byseanbrown.blogspot.com

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