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Photo: Bryan Brock

Torontos own has always shown a special love for the city. Spreading love in a 1 Love T.O tee shirt way, and hosting numberous charity events, parties, and basketball tourneys Tyrone T-Rexxx has been paying his dues to the cold city. His hard work and dedication in The Remix Project and 1 Love TO has made him respectable amoug his peers.

The first time I met Tyrone was at a Tribute Party, and I felt a magnetic energy he possessed as an MC and a businessman. People really paid attention to him. Even during a longer than planned delay at the US Border, during the 1 LOVE T.O Bus Trip to DC for Obama’s Inauguration ’09, again he exemplified a leadership as he acted as a calm to the 7 hr border hold-up with encouraging words, and if it weren’t for his distinct voice I would have been lost among a sea of Obama’s supporters in the streets of DC a few times. He knows how to rock the crowd and hand out Heineken like no other! &&as he paid attention to his city; giving us event after event of energy mostly seen on the mic &&often overlooked behind the scenes, T-Rexx is stepping into a new role with his big voice.

On Monday I got word that Tyrone will be the new (voice) host of Much Music’s RapCity, a show that I avoided while flipping through channels may be reborn with the baratoned antics of Tyrone  T-Rexxx Edwards. Truly this news has served as an inspiration to stay on my craft and make something of it.

(&&sparking a new found interest in me tuning into Much Music’s Rap City!)

Be sure to catch or TVO or PVR his RapCity-Rex debut on Much Music later this month! Jan 20th

(Live to Air every Thursday from 10p-11p)
RSVP via email: jason.richards@ctv.ca to be in the audience, Must be 16 or older to attend, photo ID a must!

Follow him on twitter @TRexxx1LOVETO

Visit 1 LOVE T.O http://www.1loveto.com


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Where would we be without our berries, or iPhones, or droids?
Probably in front of a cell phone carrier, contemplating the price of a replacement/upgrade.
Then eventually in front of a sales associate (like myself) convinced that the newest brand will brand you into the ‘cool’ league of smartphone users. Well,  in most cases having a smartphone doesn’t make you cooler or more socially inept. I often joke to my coworkers that smartphone users should be … SMART enough to use the phones. Why, well born in this technological age, even I find things a challenge to understand, but I try, research, and discover uses for smartphones, and I am able to troubleshoot issues on my own. Whereas, those who buy a Blackberry or iPhone because of its brand fail to acknowledge their lack of knowledge for these devices, and bother me with ridiculous questions and faults are usually almost ALWAYS user errors. But for those who do their research (you don’t have to be a tech to know how to use a smartphone) I applaud you. In this case (the video) my laughter is heartfelt due to its realistic nature of uncovering why a client would want a brand over a device which fits their needs. Enough chatting… Just peep the clip!!

This video is a perfect illustration of what I would have to go through all due to anticipated launch of the iPhone 4g!
Take it in,

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This video is how a summer should be. HOT N FUN.
Few words of wims to ensure a hot n fun sumsum are to …
Play safely,   flirt furiously,  wear shorts shortly, bun a-buddently
&&if you see me with my windows down & bans up!  (Ray bans that is) Holla “IT’S HOT AS ELLE OUT HURR”
All in all, I hope you have a blessed SumSum (my word for summer…pass it along if you will)
Please enjoy the video &&the vibe RESPON(D)Sibly

Video: Hot N Fun
Music By: N.E.R.D. featuring Nelly Furtado

Okay, we wrote this for a purpose,
to motivate you at this time,
With this hypnotizing bassline,
please feel free to lose your mind,
And get high, get money, get sex, get real, all intertwined

I am still Seeing Sounds from their last album, I am anticipating taking in "Nothing" o9.o7.1o

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